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Bruce Riser, PhD

Cell/ Molecular Biology Pathology – University of Michigan

Renal, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Diseases


Renal / cardiovascular & metabolic disease, oncology and  complications of diabetes, obesity and renal failure. Fibrosis,  inflammation and skin scarring. Regulation and function of the  extracellular matrix including collagens, cytokines, growth factors and  matricellular proteins, including TGF-beta  and the CCNs. Diagnostics,  peptide / protein biotherapeutics and small molecule drugs. Development  and use of cell and animal models, IP generation, and best practices for  maximizing industry/academic affiliations in building pipelines.


Founder / CEO, BLR Bio, Emerging Biotechnology Company

Professor, Physiology and  Biophysics- Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine & Science;  Professor, Medicine at Chicago Medical School.

Director of R&D, Renal Division, Baxter Healthcare (11yrs)

Director, Renal Research Program, Henry Ford Hospital, Nephrology (13 yrs).


Holds  more than 20 patents, member-Amer. Soc. Invest. Pathology, American  Society of Nephrology, American Diabetes Assoc. Expo Board Member;  Reviewer or associate editor on more than 20 journals. Award winner of  more than 30 grants.

Bruce Riser, PhD
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