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M. R. Azari, PhD

Biochemistry - Jundi Shapur University

Process Development Manufacturing of Therapeutic Proteins and Enzymes

Expertise: Research,  process development and manufacturing for therapeutic proteins and  enzymes (modified proteins/enzymes and other biologically active  proteins) used for clinical diagnostic applications, enzymatically  synthesized pharmaceuticals and academic research.  Up-stream process  development/manufacturing for yeast/bacteria fermentation and mammalian  cell culture. Down-stream process development/manufacturing for  extraction, purification and fill/finish of proteins. Viral  removal/inactivation for bio-pharmaceuticals. Batch sizing, production  train design and  manufacturing programming for throughput requirement  and manufacturing suite design. Process scale-up, technology transfer  and GMP compliance.

Experience: Directed  Research, Process Development, Manufacturing and Technology Services  Departments for Hoechst’s Calbiochem-Behring Diagnostics and Baxter’s  Biotechnology/Bioscience.

Other:   Has taught Basic Biochemistry, Fermentation Science, Molecular  Enzymology and Industrial Biochemistry. Past long-time member of  American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Biochemical  Society (UK) and American Society for Microbiology.

M. R. Azari, PhD
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