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Richard Johnson, PhD

Biochemistry – Duquesne University

Complement Biochemistry and Immunology

Expertise:    Protein biochemist with extensive experience in biologics and medical  device development. Lead teams in the development of anti-inflammatory  biologics (both protein and nucleic acid based). Complement biochemistry  expert with extensive experience in hemocompatibility applications  (from novel coating technologies to regulatory testing requirements  (ISO10993 Part 4)). Proficient in protein isolation, characterization,  modification, and structure-function analysis, including ligand-receptor  interactions, forced degradation studies and immunogenicity. Cell  isolation, cell culture and analysis, including flow cytometry, working  with WBC subsets and CD34+ human stem cells.

Experience:   Headed research/development departments at Baxter and started a biotech company based on complement-inhibiting peptides

Other:  Member of American Association of Immunology, and CASSS.

Richard Johnson, PhD
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